Kamaludin 01 Jun 2021 Kolom Sivitas 263 Kali

The film with the title: “Smart library makes smart people”, duration 18.06, the language used in this film was English, produced by: UPT Balai Informasi Teknologi-LIPI (Research and Development Division for Technology Information)-Lembaga Ilmu Pengetahuan Indonesia/LIPI (Indonesian Institute of Sciences/LIPI), Bandung, Indonesia, in 2015, Film director: Kamaludin, Scriptwriter: Penny Sylvania Putri, Cameraman: Deni Barshani, Editor: Arief S. Hermawan.

The speakers in this film were:

  1. Prof. Dr Bambang Subiyanto, Deputy for Scientific Services-Indonesian Institute of Sciences
  2. Prof. Dr Taufik Abdullah, Chairman  Indonesian Institute of Sciences 2000-2002
  3. Ir. Sri Hatinah, M.Sc., Head of Centre for Scientific Documentation and Information- Indonesian Institute of Sciences
  4. Karen Vanessa C. Salamat, MLIS., Manager of Library and Knowledge Center, Binus University
  5. Dra. Welmin Sunyi Ariningsih, M.Lib., Deputy Director for Collection Development and Information Services-National Library of Republic Indonesia
  6. Dr Roger Tol, Director of KITLV Jakarta
  7. Christel Mahnke, Head of Library and Information-Goethe Institut, Jakarta
  8. Carol L. Mitchel, PhD, Jakarta Field Director Library of Congress.

This film told about the role of libraries today and in the future and public expectations to  the library, people's hopes could be seen at minute 11:18 of the movie that librarian could not just expect societies to come to the library, but the library has to come to visit them. One of the important source of strength, the formation of the nation the role played by print culture. By reading might get some ideas and how to fulfil the ideas. Because reading is a kind of bridge to the future. Other users expect at minute 15:46 that there is a new technology, the library must move from old-fashioned to an electronic library. The new problem is about big data, but Big data is very important to the future. The value that can be given to the users can be seen at minute 09:45 library has  assisted to the provinces in Indonesia more than 600 mobile libraries. For the outer island, there were 7 floating libraries. In Jakarta, there was a Pusteling, a library and an electronic mobile completed with the laptop and internet. At minute 05:40 it is very important to be  a successful library, the librarian must have innovation, creativity, and love of work, if there is no innovation from the librarian, there will be no innovation, no new services, and the library will be stagnant, traditional, no improvement.

Christel Mahnke, Head of Library and Information Services Goethe-Institut said: I think the last five for ten years have been really very dramatic in the changes. Our environment has changed a lot. We are doing everything digitally, we are working digital, we are having fun digital with some games and we’re keeping in touch with friends, families and colleagues over digital media, and also the library, we have more digital media and digital information of course. So the question is why should people come to the library when everything is on Google? As some people say. I think is very important to have a library such as a nice and welcoming space. It should be like a lounge, it should be a place where you can discover things you wouldn’t have discovered otherwise. So I think, the most important thing is a good atmosphere to invite people and of course bring people to the books, show people the digital information, you have available as a library because it is not obvious, not everybody finds everything on Google.

Carol L. Mitchell, PhD, Jakarta Field Director Library of Congress said: Everybody likes the idea of the library and I think there are people who don’t understand the multiple roles of the library have, so maybe part of our job is how to people understand that we have roles of .. we provide information, and maybe that role has diminished.

You still need to connect people to real information, is more difficult than complex. We’re still trying to build information, the library still has a role in building the information that helps people understand.

Sri Hartinah, Director of Center for Scientific Documentation and Information-LIPI said: Factors affecting the comparison between the formerly library to the current library are the information technology, the development of user needs, the increasing knowledge and skills of librarians as well as the existence of competition. We said that the former library as a conventional library serves as a place for reading and searching for literature. Libraries in the digital age that is caused by the 4 factors above causing changes in the function of the library. They are the changes to the management of the library, the librarian’s behaviour changes, a change in the service provided.  So the library must change the vision of not only serving the visitor but also the library as a knowledge hub that guarantees access to knowledge to the future generations.

Karen Vanessa C. Salamat., MLIS, Manager of Library and Knowledge Center Binus University said: The most important, is that how you want to have your library to become. It’s very important that you have your innovation, your creativity, you should have your love of work, that’s most important to have a successful library because if there is no innovation from the librarian I think there will be no innovation. No new services, your library will be stagnant, traditional, so there will be no improvement. So the most important is how you market your library. You should have the standard for your library services, you should have the standard for all the collections that you want, and the most important is that you support the needs of your library user.

Dra. Welmin Sunyi Ariningsih, M.Lib., Deputy Director for Collection Development and Information Services National Library of Indonesia said: The librarian must not just keep the book but librarian must be market themselves and market for the library to inform the people what they have, what is useful for society. So that’s why it’s very important for the librarian to know what they have and to give information literacy like education, educate them how to search information. A library is not just a building, but a mobile library to reach the people who in a rural area.

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